Coco Pith 650gm Brick

Plantonix coco pith briquettes are 100% natural and organic growing medium which gives a higher good volume and is in compressed form. This one liter block can be expanded up to 8 liters by adding 2 liters water.

Plantonix Coir 650 gram briquette/compressed coco pith briquette 650 gram is very easy to handle size and popular among the home gardeners. Briquette is the ideal and handy retail pack for home gardening, horticulture, hanging baskets, troughs etc. where we do no need larger expanded volume. This can be used on farms, greenhouses, horticulture, hydro seed spray, landscape and as a substitute for potting soil.

Our coco coir products are organic, guaranteed to be very high quality and very low salt content. Very low level of EC is attained by repithed washing with fresh water.

When using coco peat as growing medium, we highly recommend buffering of coco peat products. The buffering process involves pre-soaking the coir for 12-24 hours with a buffering solution high in calcium; this displaces the sodium and balances the naturally occurring potassium. After the soaking period the media is washed with water, this removes the displaced sodium, leaving the calcium in the coir. This buffering process prevents unwanted draw down or 'lockout' of calcium and magnesium, and avoids sodium toxicity issues.

Unwashed available upon request special order only
Block dimension 20x10x5 cm
Moisture 10-15%
Load-ability 40 feet container 20-24 MT
20 feet container 10-12 MT
Unit weight 650 gram
Compression ratio 8:1
Volume (uncompressed) 9 liters

Directions for Use: Lay briquette down flat somewhere with good drainage. Slowly pour warm water over briquette allowing water to absorb without runoff. Let briquette sit for 30-40 minutes. Break apart with hands until light and spongy. Warmer the water, the faster and easier is the expansion. Do not use hot water over 100 deg.

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