Coconut Coir Pith

Coconut coir pith is the ideal growing medium for organic and hydro organic applications. It makes an excellent additional to seed starting and potting mixes. Coconut coir pith is a superior and eco-friendly alternative to pith moss in all growing mediums. Naturally low in salt, it is manufactured from coconut growing far from the ocean. Plantonix Humic bliss is Super Soluble Fulvic Acid. This is good for indoor and outdoor gardening and great for making compost tea.


  1. Excellent structure & aeration in root zone
  2. Promotes abundant populations of beneficial aerobic soil microorganisms
  3. High water holding capacity with exceptional capillary action
  4. High water holding capacity with exceptional capillary action
  5. Easy to wet without dry spots
  6. Neutral pH for optimal plant growth
  7. Weed free, attracts earthworms
  8. Promotes rapid dense root growth with yielding gardens
  9. Can be re-used after harvest to improve soil structure
  10. Slow breakdown with excellent nutrient and water holding capacity
  11. Stable pH and EC
  12. Produces stronger plants with vigorous root system
  13. Hygroscopic and easy to wet

Directions for Use:
Lay block down flat somewhere with good drainage. Slowly pour warm water over block allowing water to absorb without runoff. Let it sit for 30-40 minutes. Break apart with hands until light and spongy. The warmer the water, faster and easier is the expansion
Do not use hot water over 100 deg.

  1. Renewable, Biodegradable and Eco-friendly Pith Moss Substitute not produced from the destruction of pith bogs or natural wetland wildlife habitats.


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