Grow Bags

Our coco peat grow bags are used as plant substrates for soil less cultivation, largely used in greenhouses for growing vegetables: pepper, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumber, cut flower production. We are capable to meet customer's specific needs in dimensions, expanded volume, as well as physical structure of the product to ensure required air holding capacities, water and part distribution etc. The quick growth of a strong root system also helps prevent Pithium infection. If infection occurs, the success rate of recovery is significantly better than Rockwool.

Plantonix Coir Grow Bags are rapidly becoming a popular choice for hydroponic cultivation of hot house cucumbers, strawberries, tomatoes and peppers. Plants root faster and develop stronger root systems resulting in superior vigor and yield.

Product specifications

Moisture 10-15%
Load-ability 100x15x3 cm (420 units per pallet and 22 pallets in 40 feet)
100x18x4 cm (370 units per pallet and 20 pallets in 40 feet)
100x20x4 cm (360 units per pallet and 20 pallets in 40 feet)
120x20x4 cm (300 units per pallet and 20 pallets in 40 feet)
Compression ratio 5:1

Benefits of Plantonix Coir grow bags:

  1. Easy to wet
  2. Easy disposal
  3. Easily wetted, no dry spots
  4. Easy to manage when dry
  5. Competitively priced
  6. Get excellent fruit setting in less time
  7. Reduced labor costs due to long-life of media
  8. Excellent capillary action
  9. Excellent aeration
  10. Recent studies suggest Coconut Coir inhibits Pithium and Phytothora growth
  11. Rapid dense root growth
  12. Higher success rate of recovery, compared to rock wool
  13. A very forgiving medium

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